HR Leadership Competencies for a Sustainable Future



In this presentation we will be looking the elements that drive successful company operations in support of mission, vision and value, with the purpose of engaging and leveraging employee’s minds and hearts. We will discuss how to think like a CEO, build strategy and create a solid business plan; learn how to internalize strategy and how to leverage strategy to build a sustainable career.

We are living in an ever changing and evolving business and professional climate. Unless we think ahead and research what our personal and professional competencies tool kit needs to include, we are likely to fall behind and may not be able to catch up.

As a leader in HR or any other business stream, you are expected to be able to provide a vision of the future that is linked to the overall business strategy and to delivery of product and service each day in a way that is connected with and supports that business goal. If we are not purposeful in our approach to our continued learning we will not be able to keep our contributions on the cutting edge or even moderately relevant to the businesses we support. It is critical that we not only keep ourselves relevant but also help our fellow leaders to embrace the future and move our businesses along the path to successful financial results, while honoring the company values and our workforce

Areas to be Covered:

How to think like the CEO
— Understanding Strategy
— Meaning of Strategic HR
— (curiosity about the future)
What does this mean for me?
— (making it personal)
Competencies to sustain and develop your career
— (learn and grow my plan of action)

Who will Benefit:

Team Leaders
HR staff
Senior Management
Individual Leaders
and their Entire Team / Entire Organization

Ms. Woodard serves as the President and Chief ‘N’ Sights Officer for Nina E. Woodard & Associates. She launched this company upon her return to the US at the end of third quarter 2008. Using customized executive coaching and strategic business consulting strategies, Ms. Woodard strives to heighten confidence in business leaders as they move into overseas markets, with special expertise in India. Her approach helps executives increase their understanding of the cultural nuances influencing business in outside the US and to engage in more meaningful and productive communications with overseas colleagues all for the purpose of increasing business results. Nina’s career has encompassed 32 years in the field of banking. Her rich Human Resources background includes leadership roles in practical day to day activity as well as significant change initiatives, including M and A work and establishing a shared services center for finance. She has worked across North, Central and South America, in the Middle East and in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. These experiences have given her a truly global business perspective. In all of her roles she worked as an HR Strategic Business Partner with the line managers she supported. Ms. Woodard is the President of San Diego Society for Human Resource Management and the Sr. VP for Women Business Enterprise Council West. She is the mentor and business coach for Husys Consulting in India. She serves as a member of the advisory team for World HR Congress and Asia Pacific HR Congress. She serves on the Hospitality Committee and is a member of the finance council for St. Thomas More Church.

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