Are You Considering a BYOD Policy?


Is your organization thinking about implementing a BYOD policy? This is a trend that more and more companies are starting to consider, for a variety of good reasons, but it should only be implemented after careful planning and consideration.

While the idea of having employees use their own devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops) for work may seem like an easy decision, there are many layers of complication that have to be considered. This is definitely not something that is as simple as it seems at first glance.

As with any major policy or technology change, though, there are a number of important factors you’ll need to consider before incorporating BYOD into your organization. It’s critical to consider the risks and rewards and – if you do decide to move forward – develop a thorough policy that is well-thought-out from practical and HR perspectives, as well as technology and security concerns.

Attend this informative webinar to discover key practical considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding whether to implement a BYOD policy, along with best practices for structuring and implementing BYOD policies.

Areas Covered in the Session :

  • Learn the key benefits and drawbacks of BYOD policies
  • Learn about the importance of structure and limits to prevent devices, so that BYOD (bring your own device) from becoming BYADSR (bring ANY device and security risk)
  • Identify key factors that must be considered before developing a BYOD policy, such as:
  • Challenges of housing personal and company data on the same device
  • Password considerations in a BYOD environment
  • Issues surrounding data security and ownership of data
  • Considerations for dealing with lost or stolen devices.. and more
  • Potential impact of BYOD policies on other policies and practices.
  • Best practices for communicating a new BYOD policy to employees.

Who Will Benefit:

  • HR Professionals
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Risk management professionals
  • Project managers

Mary Gormandy White, M.A., SPHR, SHRM-SCP is a founding partner of MTI Business Solutions/Mobile Technical Institute. As the firm’s Director of Corporate Training & Consulting Services, Mary teaches a variety of HR, Management, Leadership, Communication and Customer Service corporate training classes, seminars and workshops throughout the U.S. She also provides expert human resource management consulting services to clients across the country in a variety of industries and is a frequent speaker at conference and association meetings.

Mary has more than 20 years of professional experience working with adult learners in corporate, career college and higher education settings, as well as significant experience in operations and human resource management. She has an extensive background in all aspects of training and instructional design and has in-depth knowledge of personality assessments in regards to employee, management, and leadership styles with specific expertise related to Everything DiSC.

She holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Communication and has completed extensive post-graduate coursework in Instructional Design & Development and is a certified Everything DiSC trainer.

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